Occupy Museums Returns to MoMA

“In the face of so much suffering, if art insists on being a luxury, it will also be a lie.” ~ Albert Camus

With the whole world asking “what’s next?” for Occupy Wall Street, OWS activists concerned with economic justice in the arts and in labor have announced plans to visit the Museum of Modern Art this Friday, where they will take advantage of the museum’s waved $25 admission fee. “I tried going on Wednesday, but I couldn’t afford it,” said activist and art enthusiast Tim Gately. Although free nights at MoMA are now sponsored by the retail giant Target, the tradition was introduced in the 1970s as the direct result of grassroots activism by the Artist Workers Coalition. 

This action coalesces around a number of issues, from the cult of 1% luxury and celebrity promoted at MoMA to the museum’s close relationship with union busting Sotheby’s. Come and experience a unique and lively evening. Everyone is invited to experience the museum as a true public forum.