Join us on Randall’s Island to Un-Frieze our Culture

Dear beautiful occupiers,

On Sunday, May 6th, Occupy Museums will hold our second Free Art for Fair Exchange– a creative refusal of the gross financialization of our culture. This time, we will bring our protest to Frieze Art Fair on Randall’s Island– public land rented out to the 1% for a private island art speculation getaway. Frieze Art Fair, one of countless “Wal-Marts for art” creeping up around the world, enables the hoarding of art and culture, moving it out of sight of the 99% and into the storage units of the 1%.

We are calling for broad-based support from the entire Occupy Wall Street movement for this joyous gathering. Free Art for Fair Exchange means bringing something to exchange in a non-competitive, non-financial market that nurtures rather than exploits the commons. Come thaw the frozen heart of capitalism with your artworks, voices, music, dance, performance, words, thoughts, food or anything else, provided that it fosters peaceful exchange between our fellow humans. Make sure that you’re reasonably mobile since we will have to be flexible as we dance with the authorities to reclaim our public space.

Within OWS, we understand that the crisis of global capitalism is not only the fault of financial institutions and corrupt leadership. We know that we are facing a crisis of culture where our deepest shared values have been confused with private capital.  We can no longer be silently complicit with this frigid system that derives its value from money. We must fight with the light of art, beauty, truth, and humor.

*Walk, run, dance, bike or
take the M35 Wards Island-bound public bus
from the NW corner of Lexington Ave and 125th Street
to Icahn Stadium in Randall’s Island Park