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on 09 January 2012.


Whitney Museum Action:


New York Times:

New York Times:


Art Leaks:

Metropolitan Museum Action:




Frieze Unionization:

Hyperallergic: The Story Behind Frieze New York’s Decision to Hire Union Labor

Guggenheim Actions/ GULF :

Art F City: GULF Protest Against the Guggenheim Continue, Joining Forces with NYU

PRI: Protestors take over the Guggenheim on behalf of workers a world away
Art in America: 
Protesting the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi: An Interview with G.U.L.F.
G.U.L.F. Calls Guggenheim a 1% Global Museum with a 1% Board 
Artists storm New York’s Guggenheim Museum to protest conditions of workers at its Abu Dhabi site
Wall Street Journal: 
Abu Dhabi Labor Record Sparks Guggenheim New York Protests
Guggenheim Responds: Guards Paid Competitively, Gugg Abu Dhabi Not Under Construction, No Public Forum
Why The Guggenheim Museum Is The Perfect Protest Space
G.U.L.F. Responds to Guggenheim, Calls on Museum to Open Its Doors to Free Public Assembly
Time Out New York
What was up with the protest at the Guggenheim on Saturday?
Huffington PostProtest Breaks Out At The Guggenheim in New York Over ‘Slave Labor’
Art Newspaper: 
Protest at Guggenheim over labour conditions on Saadiyat Island
Democracy Now
Headlines (go to 12:44)
HyperallergicGuggenheim Responds to Saturday’s G.U.L.F. Protest Action
GothamistProtestors Take Over the Guggenheim To Protest Shady Labor Practices
Hyperallergic: Protest Action Erupts Inside Guggenheim Museum

Blouin Artinfo:  Museum Design Now 


“Get Ready for DebtFair where Collectors CanBuy Works while Paying Off Artist Debt” Artinfo July 31, 2013

“Artists Take Stand on Student Loans in DebtFair Artfair” DNA Info New York July 30, 2013

“Occupy Museums Calls on Deans to Support Debtfair for Students” Popular Resistance July 13, 2013

“Why DebtFair? ON Outing Debt and the Mutual Aid Economy” ArtFCity July 19, 2013

“Here Comes Debtfair A Market for Inequality Across the City” Village Voice May 7, 2013

“Is it Time to Blow Up the Art Fair Model?” Hyperallergic, May 7, 2013

Past Actions:

“The Big Trouble with Bloomberg at Momenta Art,  Art Fag City, October 3, 2012

“The Occupy Effect on Contemporary Art” Translocal, September 2012

“Occupy Museums” in Temporary Art Review July 2012

“An Occupied Biennial” in Frieze/DE June 26, 2012

“Berlin Biennale May Adopt OWS Horizontal Power Structure” in Art Fag City, June 18, 2012

‘Occupy Wall Street joins protests against Frieze New York’By Christian Viveros-Fauné, THE ART NEWSPAPER, April 2012

‘Occupy Wall Street targets Frieze art fair in New York’ By David Ng, LA Times, April 2012

‘Frieze NY Targeted by Occupy Museums, Genital-Mutilation Cake Sours World Art Day, and More Must-Read Art News’, ARTINFO, April 2012

‘Occupy Wall Street plans protest at art fair’, The, April 2012


“Occupy Naples Meets Occupy Museums” by Vanessa Saraceno, NY Arts Magazine, March 2012

“New York Updates: quelli di Occupy Museums sostengono robe folli e interessanti, ma fuori all’Armory (lo testimonia la nostra gallery fotografica) erano in quattro gatti. Ecco cosa ci hanno detto”, Artribune, Italy, March 2012

“Week In Review:  Is It Fair? The Anti-Armory”, Dounia Lomri – NY Arts Magazine, March 2012

“Occupy Museums Offered Free Art at Armory”, Hyperallergic, March 12, 2012

“If the Armory Show feels too 1%, try this Occupy art swap”, Brokelyn, March 2012

Occupy Museums Will Open Its Own ‘Art Market’ Outside the Armory Show”, Gallerist NY, March 8, 2012

Occupy Museums Crows MoMA, Hold General Assembly, in Huffington Post. January 17 2012

“Occupy MoMA” by Barbara Pollack, Artnet, January 16, 2012

“Occupy Museums Targets MoMA Trustees,” by Brian Boucher, Art in America, January 16, 2012

“MoMA Security Confiscates Occupy Museums Banner, OM Poses Acquisition Terms, by Whitney Kimball, ArtFagCity, January 20, 2012 

“Composer Philip Glass joins Occupy Lincoln Center protest” – (pdf)

video Interview with Occupy Museums members, Feb. 2012

“Occupy Lincoln Center,” by Susan Bernofsky, The Daily Pen American, December 2, 2011

“Composer Philip Glass Joins Occupy Lincoln Center Protest,” by James C. Taylor, Los Angeles Times, December 2, 2011

“A Discussion on Facebook About Occupy Museums,” by Mira Schor and friends, A Year of Positive Thinking, October 19, 2011

 “Taking the Protests to the Art World,” by Melena Ryzik, New York Times, October 20, 2011

 “Why I Support Occupy Museums and Why You Should Too,” by Ben Davis, Artinfo, October 26, 2011

“The Deal with Occupy Museums” by paddy Johnson, ArtFagCity, October 24, 2011