Resources for Occupying Museums

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Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture by our friend, Gregory Sholette

"Protest Camps and White Cubes" by Gavin Grindon October 2012

discussion about the recent trend of protest camps which includes the 7th Berlin Biennale

"Something out of Nothing: Marcia Tucker, Jeffrey Deitch and the De-regulation of the Contemporary-Museum Model" by Nizan Shaked, Art & Education, March 2012.

"MANIFEST OF OCCUPY MUSEUMS", 7th Berlin Biennale, Germany, March 2012

"Interview With Andrea Fraser About The Whitney Biennial (PHOTOS)", The Huffington Post By Kathleen Massara

"Damien Hirst: House Artist to the 1%", Guardian News, Andrea Fraser


"Is Modern Finance Ruining Modern Art?" (Part 1): Mark C. Taylor, Bloomberg News

"Is Modern Finance Ruining Modern Art?" (Part 2): Mark C. Taylor, Bloomberg News

Free Art for Fair Exchange part 1, part 2 (pdf)

Paddy Johnson  -  

Some Reasons to Occupy Museums
A List written by consensus by Occupy Museums

Lucy Lippard, "The Art Worker's Coalition: Not a History," Studio International, November 1976
An article about The Art Worker's Coalition, a group that formed in 1969 in NYC to demand city museums pursue a more open and less exclusive exhibition policy concerning the artists they exhibited and promoted. This group successfully pressured the MoMA and other museums into implementing a free admission day that still exists today.

Art and the 99%, by Erin Sickler, Art in America, January 2012
The author considers how Occupy Wall Street as affected artists.

A Family's Billions, Artfully Sheltered, by David Kocienewski, New York Times, November 26, 2011
An article about the Neue Gallery which is used as a tax shelter by owner and founder Ronald Lauder. 

Minimum Definitions of Revolutionary Organizations, Situationist International, 1966

Occupy MoMA - Diego Rivera (pdf)

flyer handed out at the first action inside MoMA, during Diego Rivera's exhibition.

"Andrea Fraser From the Critique of Institutions to an Institution of Critique" (pdf)

Liar/s Poker: Representation of Politics/Politics of Representation

"Basically, what I have to say here is simple: when people talk about politics in an artistic frame, they\'re lying."

-Brian Holmes

"Covert Operations" - New Yorker (pdf)

Arts and Culture are Part of the Commons - Manifesto (pdf)

text written by many members of Occupy Museums in February 2012

Glass, Ghandi, Occupy: Performance --Parterre

 Text presenting reflections on Occupy Lincoln Center action written by OM member and classical pianist Ben Laude. Read part two here.

Relevent article by Marxist geographer/economist David Harvey on art and monopoly rent.